About Us


We are fascinated with inventions and patents based on renewable energy, free energy, and over unity. Sometimes we wonder what this world would have been like if some of the really cool inventions from the past that didn't make it into this world made it into this world. We like inventing and doing prototyping of different inventions to test the concept and the theory of the operation. There are many individual inventors working on their own inventing. Our goal is to provide precision cut parts for the inventors so that they can spend more time inventing and testing and less time building crude, handmade, prototypes. For example: attempting a permanent magnet motor, it's all about precision.

Contact Us With This Email: mindofteslaproducts@gmail.com

We have a limited inventory available at the moment. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. However, you can still place orders 24/7 through the website. If an order is placed on Friday before noon, it will be shipped the same day if possible or the soonest will be Saturday or Monday.